Benefits of Click and Collect Amid Coronavirus

Click and Collect Groceries

Click and collect is a hybrid eCommerce model in which customers purchase things online and pick them up from store or from a centralized collection point rather than getting it delivered at home.

2020 is proving to be a significant year for click and collect, with the number of locations amongst leading omnichannel retailers are rising by a huge percentage. Coronavirus has further exponentially increased, “click and collect groceries” demand.

Grocery Shelves Getting Empty

The moment lockdowns were implemented, people across the world started stockpiling & panic buying for essentials like groceries. In no time almost every grocery store started running out of stock.

Empty Grocery Stores Due To Stockpiling Amid Coronavirus

This further led to a sudden surge in the demand for online grocery shopping. But due to transportation restrictions, less delivery workforce, and other limitations caused by lockdown, the online stores also struggled to meet the spike in the demand.

How ‘Buy Online, Pick Up In-Stores’ Came Into Picture

When online and offline stores failed to meet the demands individually, the only solution was to combine both shopping experiences. So, the ‘Buy online, pick up in stores’ concept came into the picture. Firstly, it solves the problem of practicing social distancing (that was not possible for offline shopping in brick and mortar stores). Secondly, customers can also enjoy the ease of shopping online and picking up their purchases from the nearest store.


Coronavirus has changed our lives in many ways. Many unexpected things happened recently like the sudden rise in grocery shopping. Amid Coronavirus, the grocery industry is booming like never before. This is the best time to invest in the industry, you can start with setting up an offline store and then getting an eCommerce website build. You can also get a Mobile App developed for your grocery business as it is the most convenient way for the customers to shop online.

Grocery Delivery Mobile App By Growcer

I suggest you use ready-made solutions like Growcer by FATbit Technologies. Growcer can help you develop both, online marketplace solutions & mobile apps exclusively for your grocery business. Developments like,, etc, justify their expertise in the niche.



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