Top 5 Herbal Teas For Exceptional Health Benefits

Top 5 Herbal Teas — A Cup Of Good Health!

“Tea is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle!”

The history of tea, especially herbal tea has mushroomed across multiple cultures over the span of hundreds of years. Herbal teas are a product of dried fruits, flowers, spices or herbs. These herbal teas are not just deliciously awesome but most of them have health-enhancing properties.

Many global pharmaceutical companies which are equipped with modern science/technology and ideas have started rediscovering these herbs as a potential source for health improvement.

In this blog, I will be sharing the health benefits of 5 herbal teas.

Let’s explore the heavenly tea blends!

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile comes from the Greek words chamos, that means ‘ground’ in reference to its low-growing characteristics and melos that means ‘apple’ in reference to the apple scent of fresh chamomile blossoms. It is one of the most popular teas in all of Greece because of its significant health benefits.

Chamomile tea is often referred to as ‘sleepy tea’ because of its natural properties that cause drowsiness. It is slightly bitter in taste but with a fruity apple-like flavour. This hot and relaxing tea is very helpful for people who are suffering from insomnia. Its role has also been noticed to assist digestive disorders by settling the stomach and calming the nerves. It is often used to get relief from health problems like toothache, headache and nervousness.

There are several varieties and countries of origin of Chamomile, but the best quality comes from Egypt. The sandy loam and nutrients from the Nile create perfect growing conditions for Chamomile.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea is named after former British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey. It is a blend of various exquisite Chinese teas and the extra citrus flavour set this tea apart.

Earl Grey tea leaves are known for strong antioxidant properties and improving immunity. It has also been used for weight loss as it enhances digestion. The other benefits of this super-healthy tea include,

  • Dental benefits
  • Protects your heart from cholesterol
  • Fights cold
  • Eases stress

You love your daily dose of coffee. Don’t you? But you are also aware that how consuming large amounts of caffeine can increase the chances of various health issues. What if we tell you that a cup of tea can also act as an energy booster without any side effects? Earl Grey tea contains caffeine in safe quantities and that can keep you active throughout the day.

Also, the dehydrating properties of coffee can cause essential vitamins and water-soluble minerals to get flushed out of our body. But, unlike coffee, Earl Grey tea keeps you hydrated.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea is also known as red tea’ or ‘red bush tea.’ It is made of leaves from a shrub called Aspalathus linearis. This shrub is usually found on the western coast of South Africa.

Similar to the Earl Grey tea, Rooibos tea also has antioxidant properties. The best thing about this tea is that it is caffeine-free. It could be a great alternative for green tea or black tea.

Rooibos tea is also known for the following health benefits,

  • May Boost Heart Health
  • May Reduce Cancer Risk
  • May Benefit People With Type 2 Diabetes
  • Unverified Benefits like Bone health, Improved digestion, allergies, headaches, etc.

Rooibos tea is usually consumed like black tea but some people prefer to add milk and sugar. You can also try rooibos iced tea, espressos, lattes and cappuccinos.

Mint Tea

Peppermint is one of the popular herbs used by people on a frequent basis. It is a herb that people can use fresh or dried in many dishes and infusions. Peppermint is not just used for its refreshing flavour but for the health benefits as well. The pure, moist mountain air of the spring and early summer growing season gives this peppermint some of the highest volatile oil counts of any member of the mint family.

Peppermint is a minty herb native to Europe and Asia. But, the best peppermint comes from the north-western United States.

This multi-purpose herb is used as a prominent ingredient for many products like toothpaste, drinks, candies and of course for teas. Most of the people enjoy peppermint tea because of its refreshing taste but it has a number of potential health benefits. These health benefits include,

  • Fights Bad Breath
  • Relief from Headache
  • Reducing Nasal Congestion
  • Better Digestion
  • Helpful in Menstrual Cramps
  • Antibacterial Properties
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Boosts Immune System

A person can drink peppermint tea multiple times a day. It contains zero calories and it is caffeine-free so, it won’t keep you awake at night.

Hibiscus Tea

Most of us are familiar with this beautiful flower call Hibiscus. It originated in North Africa and Southeast Asia but now grows in many tropical and subtropical climates.

People around the world use various parts of the plant as food and medicine. A type of hibiscus, called Hibiscus sabdariffa, is used for tea and medicine. Research suggests that it has the ability to help lower blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol. Out of all the herbal teas that we read about, hibiscus has the highest amount of antioxidants.

People can use part of the hibiscus plant to make a herbal tea that tastes sweet and tart. Hibiscus tea is naturally calorie and caffeine-free. It can be served hot or iced.

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