Build Multi-Vendor Marketplace For The Middle-East Countries With Yo!Kart

The consumer behavior, as well as preferences, vary greatly from country to country. There can be any number of reasons, including cultural beliefs, education level, and economic situations behind that difference.

All of the reasons mentioned above are important while creating a multi-vendor marketplace for middle-east buyers. It is a must to go for a highly customizable eCommerce solution so that the integrations are done according to the target audience.

Yo!Kart is such a customized multi-vendor solution that enables entrepreneurs to launch an online marketplace like Souq and AliExpress.

Multilingual Function

Making your e-commerce site multilingual can help you reach more customers and boost your sales. Especially to target the consumer from Middle-East, your eCommerce platform must have a multilingual function so that they can review the information in their own language.

Yo!Kart is equipped with Microsoft Translator Text API, which supports more than 60 languages.

RTL Functionality

To design a marketplace compatible to the Arab audience, your eCommerce marketplace must have RTL functionality. It is necessary for the standard languages i.e. Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu (right-to-left {RTL}).

Yo!Kart has taken care of all other major and minor details such as visuals, typography, icons, images, numerals, logo on the marketplace. They make sure that all the required details can get listed in the RTL format.

Multi-Currency Feature

Multi-currency support means that shoppers can pay for your products or services using the currency they are already comfortable using. It is a very important function to scale globally.

Yo!Kart’s multi-currency feature lets prices be displayed in different currencies, and it helps the owner to stay up-to-date with the current currency conversion rates.

Multiple Payment Gateways

According to a recent Cardtronics Health of Cash study, 9 out of 10 people like being able to use a variety of payment methods when making an online purchase. Also, certain payment gateways have different capabilities and can provide a range of analytical data.

Yo!Kart can help you accept payments globally using your Preferred Payment Gateways.

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