Changing Consumer Behavior & Shopping Preferences Amid The Coronavirus

Few weeks back we all were predicting that how COVID-19 is going to change our lives. Now, even the global leaders agree that the implication of this effect might stay as long as a decade.

The consumer behavior is changing drastically and so is their preferences for eCommerce products.

The number of cases are increasing rapidly and we are still struggling to find the cure. It has not just created a major health issue but it is harming our economy as well. Businesses like restaurants, bars, shopping malls are on the verge of shutting down as people maintain social distance.

No one ever predicted that our lives would go upside down within a few weeks.

We all need to understand that the consumer behaviour is going to change permanently.

According to a research, on average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.

Now think, since how long we have been living in isolation? It’s been months since we went out for a party or shopping or any other social gathering. We have been shopping for just ‘essentials’ during this whole time. Our preferences, our priorities have changed completely.

Shopping Behavior & Digital Transformation

People’s shopping behavior was shifting to digital even before the pandemic hit the world.

Many product categories are already disrupted by digital-like books and entertainment, whereas many industries like education and healthcare are moving towards digital since the pandemic. The most notable transformation is of the grocery industry, maximum people in the last few months have ordered their groceries from eCommerce websites.

Let’s understand the impact of COVID-19 on the change in consumer behavior through the following Image.

Top Selling Products During COVID-19

As discussed previously, the pandemic has influenced our preferences and priorities. Following is the list of the products that are seeing the most sales growth during the pandemic:

1. Increase in Grocery & Food is obvious as it is the most essential item that we all need on a daily basis. Read, How grocery eCommerce Marketplace Works

2. While some are trying to drown their pandemic woes with Alcoholic Beverages, others are celebrating a Wine filled birthday. The demand is increasing anyways.

3. The Health and Household industry have seen a considerable demand, specifically during the pandemic.

4. Marketplaces that provide Lawn & Garden Accessories are also seeing a lot of traffic, and the conversion rate is too high.

5. Since the lockdown, the only thing that has changed is that people now prefer to buy Personal Care Items online that they were buying offline earlier.

6. People are in lockdown and they do not have much to entertain themselves. So, they are ordering Toys, Games, and other Entertainment items online.

7. Gym & Fitness Equipment are high on demand as gymaholics are not able to go to the gym & others are using this time to come back to shape by buying Gym & fitness equipment online.

8. For the products that can be converted to digital products such as eBooks, people are buying Digital Products online.

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