How to Build a Website like Amazon with Yo!Kart Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Platform

Build An E-Commerce Platform Like Amazon

The total value of global retail eCommerce sales will reach $4.13T in 2020.

Surprised? Well, this is what a report by 99 Firms suggests.

It is expected that by 2020, a quarter of the world population will account as digital buyers. Also, there is quite a possibility that this number might increase due to the COVID-19 outbreak since the effect of Coronavirus on the eCommerce industry is noticeable.

What is a Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Platform?

Multi-vendor eCommerce platforms are the online marketplaces where multiple vendors can sell their products or services on a large scale. Amazon is the biggest and most popular multi-vendor eCommerce website.

The best part about setting up a multi-vendor eCommerce website is that you don’t need to sell your own products. In fact, you can collaborate with local vendors or sellers to sell the products or services on your eCommerce website and voila! you earned a part of their profit.

Let’s take a look at the basic most Business & Revenue Model of a Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform

Multi-vendor E-commerce Platform- Business & Revenue Model

Why Build Your Amazon Like Website With Yo!Kart?

Building a multi-vendor eCommerce platform with Yo!Kart is very easy because they address all your business needs. The best part about having Yo!Kart as your turnkey solution is that they have the ability to deliver fully customizable software for startups, small businesses, and large organizations as well.

Yo!Kart Multi-vendor E-commerce Platform

Steps To Build A Multi-vendor E-Commerce Platform

  1. Select a Package: You can start using Yo!Kart by selecting the package that suits your business needs. There are 3 packages offered by Yo!Kart and the basic one starts from $999 only.

Click here for Yo!Kart’s COVID-19 help offer.

2. Setup & Install: Yo!Kart will assign a dedicated project coordinator once you buy the license. The project coordinator will connect with the technical team for the server specifications and after the pre-installation testing, the team will deploy Yo!Kart on your server.

3. Settings Configuration: After the marketplace installation, settings like logo, country, the state information will be set up. Various key tools for website management and administrative features will be added. There are around 43 Reasons To Choose Yo!Kart To Start An eCommerce Marketplace.

4. Adding Products: The admin can add products in bulk using a catalog system and has the option to enable or disable product upload by vendors. On the other hand, the vendor can add information to make the website SEO friendly.

Click here for the demo.

5. Marketplace Launch: Your multi-vendor eCommerce website is ready to launch after configuration. Also, Yo!Kart offers numerous features like adding blogs, discount vouchers, pay-per-click and much more to help you grow your business.

6. Manage Your Marketplace: Finally, you are ready to manage your eCommerce website with the help of a pre-loaded wide range of features. Yo!Kart also enables you to launch third-party applications using API.

Read the E-Commerce Marketplace Guide Prepared by Yo!Kart to Understand the Online Marketplace Better.

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