How To Create An e-Learning Website Like Coursera?

The rise of online learning is increasing everywhere because of COVID -19 pandemic. As per the Global research market, the e-learning market is continuously growing and is going to bloom in the coming years as well.

Want to build your own e-learning platform from scratch that will succeed? Determine the factors that lead to a successful e-learning website.

How To Create An e-Learning Website Like Coursera?

Easy Methods To Build An Online Learning Platform Like Coursera

  1. Master About Your Audience Than Your Competitors: Because of the popularity of e-learning platforms, there is no requirement of traveling to educational institutions. Do quality research in a calm and composed environment.
    Let’s move forward to the things that create an e-learning website. The main aim should be learning by keeping the following things in mind:-
  • Age, gender, educational background & learning abilities
  • Belief System
  • Learning preferences
  • Know about the interests

2. Choose An e-Learning Business & Revenue Model For A Personalized Website: Get a clear view of the e-learning business models that will help in turning your idea into monetary means. Have a clear understanding of the following ones:-

  • Affiliate Model
  • Corporate Model

3. Successful Features For Your e-Learning website: E-learning website should have a proper payment form that does the complete process in a very smooth manner. Attract your user for educational purposes. Features like Text pad, workspace etc…provides an opportunity for reflection.

4. Select The Right UI Technology Stack: Readability is a very important aspect. So, choose the technology accordingly that fulfills your requirements.


Go in for cost reduction by adopting the concept of online e-learning software. Create a user-efficient platform that helps you stand out in the marketplace. Use Yo!coach and Launch a synchronized e-Learning website.



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