How to Sell Liquor & Wine Online

Challenges & Solutions of Selling Alcoholic Drinks Online

Online Liquor and Wine Marketplace

Amid coronavirus, the bars, restaurants, vineyards are shuttered and online liquor & wine retailers are noticing a surge in online sales. Consumers are stocking up for their happy hours and celebrations at home. Liquor and Wine selling eCommerce business in 2020 would be one of the greatest ideas for entrepreneurs already working in this niche.

According to market research firm Nielsen, ‘U.S. sales of alcoholic beverages rose 55% in the week ending March 21.’

This is the perfect time to take your liquor & wine store online. Let’s understand how!

Planning to sell liquor online? Here are some ‘Challenges’ that you might encounter

Online shoppers have multiple concerns like what modes of payments are available if the transaction will be taxed, what is the shipment process, etc. Before starting an online liquor & wine store, it is important to understand what kind of challenges are there and how we can tackle those challenges.

Selling Liquor & Wine Online

I) Legal Requirements: Lawful restrictions is the primary challenge for the liquor & wine industry. There are various laws implemented by the government of the countries and states for setting up an alcohol store that might be complicated to compliant with.

Solution: Before starting your online liquor and wine business, understand the laws and regulation related to this. Get a proper license to sell as well as deliver liquor to avoid any restrictions.

II) Age Limitations: Singe age factor is an integral part of the industry, the age check process makes setting up an online wine & liquor shop very complicated. It is very easy to trick the websites by mentioning the false age.

Solution: You should develop an interface on which users have to submit an ID proof that confirms their age which will be approved/disapproved by the admin. An adult signature is required for delivery this way was adopted by Amazon alcohol delivery.

III) Temperature Control: During the shipment/delivery of alcoholic drinks, it is important to maintain a certain range of temperature. If not done properly, then you might not be able to preserve it for longer.

Solution: Various websites stick to the rule that permits the delivery partners to postpone shipment if the temperature is not within the 45°F-80°F range. You can follow the same.

Check this insightful SlideShare presentation to learn why and how to start selling alcoholic beverages online:


Challenges always bring opportunities. If you are capable of solving problems, then you are providing a solution not just to yourself but, your consumer as well. Make the best of this pandemic situation where people are not able to buy liquor & wine offline. Create an online wine & liquor marketplace with Yo!Kart & help people celebrate little things during quarantine time.

Read the complete blog to learn about more challenges and itheir solutions:

Originally published at on April 20, 2020.



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