Launch An Online Astrological Consultation Marketplace In 2020

Astrology is the perfect opportunity for businesses that one can go for. You should be ready to proceed towards the next step by creating it online.

Build Online Astrological Consultation Marketplace By Yo!Coach
Online Astrological Consultation

Astrology portals are similar to the online consultation portals in some sense that provide the customers with the facility to avail consultation for a specific duration of time. Free services are desired to some specific conditions.

Why create your own online astrological consultation platform?

Online astrological consultation marketplace helps in reaching your clients through proper registration. Clients search out for their issues and reach out to expert astrology experts via call, video conferencing or chat and get paid instantly. Below are some of the modes:-

  • Real-time chat features for reaching the clients
  • Voice calling feature for reducing the network charges of clients
  • Video conferencing that helps in easy interaction with clients

Online astrology Consultation Industry Insights

As per the statistics, AstroTalk has a pool of experienced professionals where earning is at a whopping installation of 900,000+ and has been rated 4.7 out of 5 which is the highest star rating in the astrology industry. Technical graduate Puneet Gupta has become a table-turner hailing as a service professional and finally ended up as an IT entrepreneur. A person never believing in astrology started believing that you don’t choose astrology, instead, astrology chooses you.

How to Create an Online astrology consultation Platform?

Existing knowledge of astrology helps in building an online consultation platform. Awareness of astrology software makes it easier to do a consultation with the clients. Be sure that your website is more eye-catchy that can be a big hit.

Astrology consultation platform features

  • Multilingual — A noticeable feature of astrology platform has provided multilingual consultation which is preferable.
  • Video Chats — Build an online astrological consultation marketplace facilitating the clients to connect with the astrologers via video chats that allow them to easily interact with them.
  • Textpad & Whiteboard- An online platform should enable astrology consultations using TextPad, whiteboard to facilitate seamless sessions.
  • Location — Astrologers can predict future events based on the location of the sun, moon and other planets.
  • Reviews /Rating — Astrologers will be chosen based on their reviews and ratings.

How to launch it:

To launch an online astrological consultation marketplace, you can either code it yourself or go with ready to launch online marketplace software such as Yo!Coach. With Yo!Coach, you can launch your own astrological consultation marketplace in a few days with the ready features like Video Chat, Multiple payment gateways, multi-lingual, etc.



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