Make An Online Language Learning Platform Like Verbling That’s Right For You!

Online Language Learning Platform

As per the analyst research, it has been projected that the e-Learning market is going to reach $325 billion by 2025. People look out for online foreign languages for learning a new one. To do so, they connect with native speakers globally and chat with them via various platforms. If you want to build a language learning startup, look out for the things that will help you create an incredible one.

Business Model Of An Online Language Learning Platform

Language learning helps in brain development and bridging cultural technology. Thinking of learning a language online? The aim is correct but you can’t be fluent in a few days.

Language learning platforms like iTalki, Verbling, and many more are the talk of the town these days.

  • Multiple language tutors can register to start teaching. Registration can be free or paid!
  • Each tutor will have a separate dashboard where he/she can manage his/her profile and orders
  • Students can sign up and schedule a class with a teacher of their choice
  • Admin or website’s owner earns a fixed commission on each booking of class; the rest of the payment is transferred to the teacher’s account
Online Language Learning Platform Business Model

Possible Revenue Channels For Leading Language Learning Portals

Due to COVID-19, most people are shifting to learn a lot about the languages; this helps in improving the revenue along with the profit:

  • Fixed commission on each class booking
  • Admin can charge monthly or yearly subscription fees to teacher or tutor for registration
  • Charges to feature some teachers’ profiles on the top
  • Banner advertisements
Revenue Model For Online Language Learning Platform

Outstanding Website Features of Online Language Learning Platform

The popularity of such platforms has made it easy and convenient to learn online.

  1. Attention-Grabbing and Vibrant Home Page: Beauty is in the eyes of visitors that get convinced by your website every day after seeing the informative posts. Important things to remember are as follows: -
  • Banner of the website should look attractive with good background images
  • Headers are even the great tools that spread a succinct message to the large audience
  • To become fluent, you need to be a native speaker of your dreams

2. Feature Classes: — Looking for a software that builds an online language learning platform to keep you on track?

  • Live Meetings Over the Internet: — Launch an online language learning platform in either video recording or live lectures
  • Private Lessons & Group Classes: — Work with students to enhance your live tutoring sessions
  • Recording Class Sessions: — Sessions are first recorded and then the detailed descriptions are given about the progress ensuring access to quality learning

Design An Effective Landing Page

  • Control the access to all the members of the class
  • Learn other languages and increase your awareness

3. Tutors: — This section includes innovation in an online language learning platform that prepares tutors for relative technology. Here are some essential features that must be included on your website: -

  • Save your time by filtering relevant information from the web
  • Improve the sorting according to the popularity of the sale
  • Web-based live learning platform across the world

4. Private Lesson Scheduling: — A skilled language learning platform will help out more in the decision making in this on-going technology; look at the following information for the same:-

  • Online Tutoring Video Demonstration
  • Check out the overall rating
  • Private Tutor Costing

To develop your online language learning platform like Verbling, an excellent approach to handling the website is mandatory. Consider the above factors and stand ahead of your competitors.



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