Top 3 Niches for Online Consultation Business

Top Niches For Online Consultancy Business

For entrepreneurs, Online Consultation Businesses adds a new opportunity in the list of profitable online business ideas waiting to be leveraged. There is a surge in the demand for online consultation services amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Today I will be sharing details about the online consultation businesses. Here are the top 3 online consultation business ideas that might help you earn good revenue, especially amid the Coronavirus outbreak:

Telehealth or Online Doctor Consultation

Online Doctor Consultation amid Coronavirus

There are various factors in healthcare that may impact the patient and consultant experience. These factors act like the pain points and few of them are — dependency on brick and mortar setups, more time consumption during face-to-face visits, additional factors like Coronavirus pandemic, and many more. Introducing telehealth (online doctor consultation) can drastically improve a patient’s convenience level. Additionally, it has the capability to solve the existing pain points.


SteadyMD Logo

SteadyMD is a completely new approach to primary healthcare. The doctors here see a limited number of patients so that they can give them the time and attention they deserve. The services at SteadyMD are completely online, which means that the patients get comprehensive, personalized care from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Online Professional Services Consultation

Professionals Consulting Online

Different areas of professional services have experienced disruption recently. One area where white-shoe firms are facing competition from upstart competitors is — legal and management consultation. You can start your online consultation portal for Online Lawyer Consultation or Online Chartered Accountant Consultation.


LegalAdvice Logo

A website like LegalAdvice can support three different types of users. These user types are — client, attorney, and website admin. Along with the regular consultation, There can be a separate provision to handle pro bono cases for those who require it. The platform can support three primary revenue streams, such as — featured listing, commission, and advertisement.

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Online Astrological Consultation

This might sound a little weird but according to the news website, Independent, the mystical services market is worth 2.1 billion USD. For an entrepreneur, starting an online consultation portal for astrological readings can be very profitable.

Let’s take an example of Co-Star. Co-Star is a birth chart comparison mobile app that was downloaded more than three million times.

The Faculty of Astrological Studies

Faculty of Astrological Studies Logo

The Faculty of Astrological Studies is a UK-based school of astrology which in its over sixty years of existence has enrolled more than 10,000 students from ninety countries. The company provides an online learning environment, offers diploma courses, and hold examinations as well.


Since we have a clear understanding of the online consultancy industry now, are you thinking which platform can help you implement the above-mentioned business ideas?

The answer is Yo!Coach by FATbit Technologies!

Yo!Coach is a solution that reduces the time it takes for an entrepreneur to launch his online consultation business. It offers essential features for an entrepreneur to manage his online consultancy website.

Originally published at on May 29, 2020.



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