Start An Online Learning Platform That Will Succeed

Akanksha Chandan
3 min readJun 22, 2020


According to the statistics, the online learning market will reach $325 billion in the next five years. It’s not only about having a billion dollars idea to launch an e-learning platform. Rather, it’s a combination of smart minds with a brilliant marketplace that turns into a billion dollars project just like other big giants.

So how to build the one that will be successful? In this blog, I will be covering the same.

Why Create an Online Tutoring Marketplace?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning acts as a key beneficiary of social distancing because of the quarantine measures that are taken all around the world.

Building learning websites with the assistance of software like Yo!Coach brings both tutors and students together.

Case Studies

Yo!coach software helps in building private and one-to-one online tutoring websites in which students can be available for the live sessions. This is an out-of-box software for running your tutoring business. It makes the communication effortless and effective with the target audience which supports many features. A ready-made custom-developed software solution has functionalities that can meet the needs of an entrepreneur potentially such as below:

  • Booking the tutoring sessions online
  • Support for multiple tutors that can teach multiple subjects
  • Live & high-quality audio as well as video conferencing
  • Whiteboards as a tool of video conferencing
  • Payment gateways
  • Tracking hours in online tutoring
  • Live lectures in real-time

Business Model For Starting An Online Learning Portal

Kickstart your online learning portal with the support of below steps and watch the role of the business model that plays: -

  • Ensure that you equip yourself with the right tools such as audio performance, webcam setting, and lighting
  • Know the rules and regulations before launching an online learning portal to ensure that you are practicing well
  • Research your competitors to begin thinking about expanding your reach
  • Organize your finances when taking your tutoring business online as you should how much it is going to cost as an entrepreneur
  • Getting paid option should be available such as PayPal which makes your website more secure and authoritative
  • Equip yourself with the correct software such as Yo!Coach when beginning with online learning
  • Set up file sharing while taking your tutoring business online that may require you a platform for collaboration at the same time
  • Online marketing to create brand awareness in hopes of attracting prospective customers

How To Make Money

Give out the option of selling courses while launching online learning marketplaces from various tutors that register online. In return, commission cuts are being charged from the tutors during every selling.

Also, offer an option of signing up on your portal where tutors can apply based on their skills.

Key Features Required

  • Easy to use interface
  • Customized branding
  • Interactive elements such as video, highlighting text, etc…
  • Assessment & analytic tools
  • License & validation
  • Content protection

How To Start An Online Learning Marketplace?

Below are a few tips that can help you build an online learning platform:-

  • Set clear objectives
  • A platform should ensure a good amount of opportunities
  • Plan impactful content
  • Interactions

Ever wondered about the software to build an online learning & tutoring business? Check out Yo!Coach and learn more about the turnkey solution to build an online learning and tutoring platform at an affordable price. Try it out today only! You will really love to discover and sign up as well encouraging more mindful learning.



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