The Severity of Grocery Stockpiling Amidst Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Panic buying & stockpiling amid Coronavirus

With novel coronavirus spreading rapidly, consumers have become more cautious about stocking-up their pantry as an attempt to reduce exposure of COVID-19 coronavirus. The spread of the pandemic has resulted in a huge deficit in the supply chain of consumer goods. Traditional as well as eCommerce grocery businesses have been hit hard with the news of coronavirus spreading at a rapid pace.

Grocery stores are experiencing difficulties in making consumer goods available. People have started preferring to place orders for groceries on eCommerce grocery marketplaces. The demand for staples such as canned goods, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, toiletries, rice, floor, and various other items has risen considerably amidst the coronavirus scare.

Consumers are advised to follow all precautionary measures such as keeping hands clean, using a hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol content, sneezing with hands covering mouth, and maintaining at least 6-meters of distance with people.

Since the general public has become skeptical about commuting to a grocery store and shopping, consumers are now opting for non-contact deliveries to limit exposure. To accomplish this, organizations have devised strategies that will help in initiating contact-less deliveries and offering consumers a safe environment in which they can shop. This includes using drones to complete deliveries.

The delivery personnel is the most prone to getting infected, which is why it is mandatory for them to wear face masks and complete door-step delivery. The delivery staff can leave the parcel at the door-step of the premises. The consumers can later pick it up on receiving an automated text message.

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