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Alternative for a Shopify Multivendor Marketplace

Investing in eCommerce is a wise choice since the eCommerce industry has grown exponentially in recent years with the increasing number and sales of online businesses.

But, it is wiser for store owners to quickly realize that it’s very hard to survive with just an eCommerce store. What they need is an online store that can support hundreds of vendors and thousands of products, in other words, a multi-vendor marketplace.

Want to know why a multi-vendor marketplace is better than an online store? Read this insightful blog to know about the Brands That Started As A Single Vendor Store But Became An Online Marketplace.

Now, let’s explore the difference between Shopify and Yo!Kart Multivendor.

The Limitations of Shopify Multi-vendor Marketplace

We know that choosing a suitable platform to build multi-vendor marketplaces is of great importance. And so, now we will discuss the limitations of Shopify through a comparison between Yo!Kart and Shopify.

Let’s go!


Shopify pricing includes three main plans ranging from $29/month to $299/month. Besides the cost of setting up a Shopify store, you will need to pay $10 — $45/month for the Multi-Vendor Marketplace app.

On the other hand, Yo!Kart doesn’t charge you monthly as Shopify does. Instead, it comes with one-time packages consisting of a $999 Plan (GoQuick) offering default design and a $6999 Plan (Go Custom) with the full custom design. Both packages are self-hosted and include free installation, zero transaction fee, and a lifetime license.


Take a look at the following images to compare the features provided by Yo!Kart & Shopify.

Shopify Feature List:

Yo!Kart Feature List:


An eCommerce store hardly runs independently of other tools because they are crucial for the success of the business. These tools may include ERP systems, order management systems, tax tools, shipping platforms, optimization tools, and many more.

Since Shopify is SaaS-based, Shopify store owners are tied to using SaaS APIs for integration with existing business systems. It is not always possible to integrate an eCommerce store with all of your existing business applications because the APIs are limited. Unfortunately, there would be no technical support available from Shopify support teams.

With License-based platforms like Yo!Kart, owners have the luxury to get custom integrations generated for the eCommerce store to incorporate existing business system applications seamlessly. Yo!Kart can be integrated with almost any API. It also comes pre-integrated with Paypal, Stripe, Google Analytics, ShipStation, and other popular third-party applications.


There is no technical support for the Shopify Marketplace apps. However, you can still use all the support from Shopify for eCommerce stores. Shopify provides help via various channels including phone, email, and live chat.

The biggest advantage of Yo!Kart support is that it offers FREE 12-months technical support for all Yo!Kart packages to resolve any bugs/errors found in the system. You can also opt for paid technical support after 12 months if you want.

Please note that the 12-month Free Technical Support becomes invalid for those who have done any customization in Yo!Kart script either on their own or through any 3rd party.

For a detailed comparison, please read Yo!Kart vs Shopify Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform: Key Differences

Why Migrating Your Multi-vendor Marketplace from Shopify is a Good Idea?

Let’s take a look at the following review from Capterra where the business owner has clearly mentioned that he switched from Shopify to Yo!kart as Shopify’s multi-vendor platform is not as powerful as Yo!Kart.

Ratings for Yo!Kart

Detailed Review for Yo!Kart

According to Brandon J., “Yo-Kart multivendor platform is the BEST out there.”

Let’s see what else he has to say:

Overall: My overall experience with Yo!Kart has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve read some of the negative comments people wrote about lack of customizability, but that has not been the case in my experience. The site is fully customizable, from labels, to every button, and every image. Yo!Kart handled all of my integrations for me to ensure quality control, which they went above and beyond to get the tasks completed and tested. I have used multiple versions of Yo!Karts multivendor platform, and they just keep getting better every time. I would FULLY RECOMMEND working with FATbit Technologies, there will be no regrets. They are the best in the game. I am a bit sad for when my project ends, because working with this team as been that great.

Pros: My most favorite feature of the site is the UI. Its pretty straight forward for the end user to understand and navigate. There are so many powerful tools and options for the admins, as well as the end users. The features found on Yo-Kart, are like no other i’ve found. For example, being able to sign up account sub-users and set permissions. That’s an awesome feature for sellers and buyers.

Cons: I have very little to dislike, if anything. Any issues that arise, the team, always helps me work them out. And they are usually my fault.

Reasons for Choosing Yo!Kart: No multivendor support, or no multivendor support as powerful as Yo!Karts.

Switched From: Shopify

Reasons for Switching to Yo!Kart: No multivendor support


To sum up, Yo!Kart has surpassed Shopify in the game of Multi-Vendor. Yo!Kart has all the necessary features for a multi-vendor marketplace, most of which are additionally charged in the Shopify Plans. Yo!Kart’s all-in-one package for $999 is not bad.

In contrast, Shopify could be the best platform for beginners to create a beautiful website without mad technical experience. But in the multi-vendor game, Shopify could not be an optimal solution for merchants to choose from, as it still lacks some important features for a multi-vendor marketplace. That means you have to pay extra for the additional applications on your website. In case you want to migrate your current website to Yo!Kart, we highly recommend using LitExtension, a shopping cart migration expert. You can migrate all of your data including products, customers, orders to the target site quickly, seamlessly, and at a reasonable price too.



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