What Product Categories Are In Demand Amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

Top Selling Products Amid Coronavirus

Product Categories In Demand Amid COVID-19

The Coronavirus continues to haunt the people months after its first transmission and a good number of people are still quarantined at home.

Earlier it was just about survival, people were panic buying things that are necessary for day-to-day living. But now people have accepted that they must learn to live with the virus. So, they are finding new ways to keep themselves entertained during the lockdown period.

The pandemic has influenced the preferences of the people and a lot of product categories have shuffled in their priority list.

Let’s take a look at the graph showing fastest-growing product categories in the US amid the Coronavirus:

Fastest-growing product categories in the US amid the Coronavirus

It is expected that the observed change in consumer behavior might stay F-O-R-E-V-E-R. People are currently adapting new habits and an all-new lifestyle that might impact the way businesses worked. The brands will have to focus on ‘What’s next?’ and frame their action plan according to the all-new consumer behavior.

Here are the 8 products that have been selling out online during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Grocery & Packed Food: Being the prime and most essential product, groceries are on the top of this list. Also, people are now preferring packed & processed food because they believe it is the safest due to lesser human contact.
  2. Alcoholic Beverages: People always enjoy wine with fine dining. So, without any doubt, alcoholic beverages consumption has also increased amid the lockdown. Since the bars and liquor stores are still not opening, people are moving online to order their favorite drinks.
  3. Health & Wellness: Coronavirus has taught many lessons and one of them is taking care of our health. People are more inclined towards a healthy living now and so the orders for health and wellness products is on the rise.
  4. Lawn/Garden Accessories: Staying at home, people realized there are many more things they can spend their time on. They are finding new ways to utilize their time and what can be better than creating a personal garden at home? Marketplaces offering lawn and garden tools are seeing heavy traffic along with a good conversion rate as well.
  5. Personal Care: Pampering yourself is always a good idea! The rate of personal care product purchase was already high. But with all the salons and spas closed, people are now pampering themselves at home and ordering everything required for personal care online.
  6. Indoor Games & Toys: Coronavirus has done a lot of damage to humans but we also got more time to spend with our family. Children are staying at home at schools are closed so people are buying indoor games and toys for their children and themselves to spend some quality time with their family.
  7. Fitness Equipment: With all the gyms closed, people are planning to continue their fitness routine at home. Some are buying the fitness equipment to remain in shape while others are adding this to their lifestyle as now they have more time for it.
  8. Digital Products: To avoid purchasing any unnecessary physical products, people are now looking for the digital version of everything. E-books are one of them, instead of buying paper-based books, people are preferring to buy e-books to avoid any kind of human contact.

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Originally published at http://beststartupbusiness.wordpress.com on June 4, 2020.



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