Why Mobile Apps Are Important For Online Grocery Stores?

Mobile Apps for Grocery Store

Online grocery shopping is an incredible way to get the things you need while avoiding crowded brick and mortar stores. It won’t be incorrect to say that slowly the gathering of people in offline stores is getting converted into traffic on online shopping websites. Additionally, the Coronavirus outbreak has just added into this.

What is the Role of Mobile Apps in Online Shopping?

Ever wondered why people prefer shopping online? The simple answer is ‘Convenience.’ Shopping on the web offers the comfort of buying things when and where it suits you, via a payment method of your choice.

As far as the mode is concerned, mobile apps are always preferred over shopping on desktop/laptops. Mobile Apps have added more convenience to online convenience stores.

According to OuterBox, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 month of 2019.

Let’s have a look at the statistics for Grocery Mobile Apps:

Particularly, talking about the Grocery industry, according to recent findings, 68 Percent of Grocery Shoppers Use a Retailer’s Mobile App While Shopping. and the number of users is getting higher amid Coronavirus. According to app analytics company App Annie, Walmart Grocery Mobile App has now hit an all-time high in downloads — grabbing the №1 ranking position across all Shopping apps in the U.S. on April 5, 2020, and surpassing Amazon by 20%. Let’s take a look at the graph,

Increase In Grocery Mobile App Downloads Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

Now, this is important to understand why individuals prefer mobile apps over desktop shopping. A person on average spends 3–5 hours on Mobile Phone daily. By developing a mobile app for your grocery business you are offering your customers an easy way to connect. A mobile app can really make an astonishing difference in the way you interact with your customers.

Following are the reasons why your customers are likely to order more often if you build a Mobile App for your grocery store:

  • Convenient For Customers
  • Building Brand Image
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Mobile Apps are Faster
  • Utilizing Device Features
  • Push Notifications
  • Instant Updates

Types of Mobile Apps Required for an Online Grocery Business

Whenever we talk about mobile apps, people usually think about the buyer app. But, every eCommerce shopping and delivery business needs at least two types of mobile apps — one for the buyers and another for the delivery staff.

Let’s take a look at the mobile apps required for an online grocery business:

  1. Buyer App for Customers
Growcer Buyer App

2. Delivery Boy App for Delivery Staff

Growcer Delivery Boy App

Want To Build A Mobile App For Your Grocery Store?

Grocery Mobile App by Growcer

If you have a grocery store and you are planning to build a mobile app for your business, I will suggest you opt for Growcer by FATbit Technologies. Growcer provides online marketplace solutions & mobile apps exclusively for grocery businesses. They have the expertise in the field and developments like Pedisuper.com, Myhomegrocers.com, etc, justifies their worth.


Based on the demand as well as the benefits of Mobile Apps, it is clear that Mobile Apps are the most important and useful addition to the businesses. In today’s scenario, when everyone is unable to go outside for grocery shopping due to the pandemic, proving your customer with a Mobile App would be the perfect thing not just for your business but for the society as a whole.

Originally published at http://beststartupbusiness.wordpress.com on April 23, 2020.



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