Will The Coronavirus Make Online Learning Go Viral?

E-learning Getting Viral Amid The Coronavirus

The novel Coronavirus that has forced us to keep ourselves contained in our homes is changing the world drastically. From healthcare to shopping to our daily routine, everything is different now. Even the education sector is also suffering since the schools and universities are closed. This virus has created a gap between teachers and students but technology is helping us bridge that!

Traditional Learning Vs. Online Learning

The concept of e-learning has been in existence since 1999 when the word was first utilized at CBT (Computer Based Training) system seminar. After that words like ‘online learning’ and ‘virtual learning’ also got viral on the web.

Traditional Learning vsE-learning

Let’s understand what makes e-learning better than traditional learning:

  1. Flexible Learning: Every student has a unique pace and way of learning. Unlike traditional classrooms, students with the help of online learning platforms can learn the way they want. They can choose their comfort zone by picking the time and place that suits them better.
  2. Convenience: Online learning gives the freedom to plan and schedule the classes as per the convenience of both teachers & students. They have no pressure to follow the same monotonous hours.
  3. Better Engagement: According to research by The Research Institute of America, eLearning has a much higher retention rate as compared to the traditional ways of learning. Also, students can choose to take doubts in front of their classmates or can reach out to their mentor using other digital means.

There are various other factors that make eLearning a better choice.

How Coronavirus Boosted The E-learning Industry

As the Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, the government had to take strict actions. The schools, universities, and colleges all around the world are closed to stop the spread. The worst part is that no one knows how long it would take to defeat the virus and when are we going to live a normal life like before.

E-learning Getting Boost Amid The Coronavirus

So what is the solution? E-learning!

The world is adapting to eLearning like never before. Not just due to the convenience factor but because it’s the only solution amid Coronavirus pandemic. Had been a matter of a few weeks, it was possible to take a break from learning but this is not the case right now. We have no clue how long it is going to take before we can go to our schools and colleges. This is where online learning came into the picture and got viral. You can find numerous articles on the web explaining how e-learning is helping teachers and students connect amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Not just school and college-level students but the employees also want to utilize the lockdown period in the best possible way. People who are working from home want to polish their skills and so they are also joining numerous executive education programs.

In simple words, opportunities in online learning for EduPreneurs is exploding, make the best out of it!

Originally published at http://beststartupbusiness.wordpress.com on April 30, 2020.



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